A car’s windshield serves multiple purposes, but its most important function is to ensure road safety. Because it’s a car’s most important navigational aid, it should be clear, defect-free, reliable and sturdy. However, many people drive around with cracked, chipped windshields because they don’t want to deal with the expense or inconvenience of repairs. Ensure proper function and road protection by looking for the following signs that it’s time for Windshield replacement.

Compromised View

It does not matter how small a discoloration, chip or crack is; if it causes the driver to become distracted, a serious crash could result. Accidents often result in frustration, aggravation, and expense, and it’s almost always cheaper to repair or replace the windshield.


If a driver is on the road every day, particularly if they drive a long distance, they may experience windshield pitting from flying gravel and rocks. These may be more noticeable at dusk and dawn as the sun hits the windshield, and this situation can be dangerous because the driver’s view is compromised.

Whiteness at the Windshield’s Edges

For safety reasons, car windshields are treated with polyvinyl butyral or PVB when they’re manufactured; the additive keeps the windshield from shattering in the event of a collision. Rather, the windshield will break into rounded bits that aren’t as likely to cause injury. If the driver notices a hazy whiteness around the edges of the windshield, the PVB is peeling up and it’s time for a replacement.

Missing Parts

Everyone has seen vehicles on the road with broken windows that are covered in trash bags or duct tape. A windshield keeps the elements out of the vehicle, but it serves a much more important purpose: it provides structural integrity to the car’s frame. By driving around with a broken windshield, the owner can not only put themselves at risk of injury and fines.

Call a Local Shop for a New Windshield

A broken windshield is unsightly and dangerous, and in most cases, it is illegal. If a driver notices any of the signs above, they can visit a local auto glass shop in person or online to schedule an appointment.

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